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Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 Weeks and Counting!

Today is exactly 2 weeks until my first full marathon. C-R-A-Z-Y!  So here's an update in the form of a self Q & A....

Q: So how's the knee?
 A: Feeling much better.  I think. *gulp*  Last Monday was my 15 mile run and I think it's a little funny that my knee only started to hurt during the last 500 meters. Geez. Just when I thought it was gonna be pain-free for this week's long run.  It's a big improvement though coz the week before, my knee started to hurt by mile 12.  Here's hoping it does not hurt AT ALL on marathon day.  Hoping this taper will help with the healing.

Q: Ahh...speaking of taper, how's that going for you?
A: I have come to realize that taper = weight gain.  Well, at least for me.  I've been wolfing down food for the past few days and I'm pissed that my body is craving for carbs.  With my mileage down and with my crazy appetite, a little weight gain is inevitable. The solution?  Must cross-train more!

Q: Have you figured out what to wear yet?
A: Yes I'll be wearing my CW-X Stabilyx tights, A Nike Top, 3 layers of pink tops (to be thrown away), my beanie with a hole for a ponytail and running gloves.

Q: Are you excited to run your first marathon?
A: Yes, very!  Though I must admit that I'm a tad scared.  I mean, who wouldn't be?!  But the plan is to tone down all the nervousness and negative thoughts and self talk come "The Day".  I don't need them, really.

Q: What are you scared of?
A: I'm basically scared of the unknown.  I'm scared of not making it in time for the 5:30 cut-off, scared of getting injured during the run and slowing down, and scared of ending up like these guys...

This was during the Conquer Corregidor Run in the Philippines last year. 
It was a tough course!

If found, please drag to the finish line.  LMAO! HAHAHA...Haha...hahaha...ha..ha...h...


*scratches head*... Um, did anyone ever tell you that you're crazy?
- Yes, I hear that a lot. =)

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!  
Big virtual HUG!


30 Days of Thanks (Day 20)
I am thankful for RED WINE.  I love being able to sit at night and drink a glass of good red wine and just chill out.  I also enjoy it in the company of friends. Good people paired with good red wine create more insightful and enjoyable conversations.  When matched creatively with a sumptuous dish, it tends to enhance the flavor of food, making it a lasting dining experience as well.  Good people + good food + good red wine = memorable evening!



  1. You are going to do AMAZING!! Trust your training, keep your mind strong and you've got this!

    And where did you find the beanie with the hole for the ponytail? Genius!

  2. You're going to do great. Only good thoughts, girl!!

    Red wine. Mmmmmm.

  3. Like your self interview! :) Take it easy and don't worry about the weight gain, your body need fuel during the race. You will be fine! Keep in mind,it's like a long run, just better, because you have people who cheer you on and water stops! :)

  4. You so got this... I'm getting so excited for you!!! PS: Cute hat, I'm gonna need one of those here on the east coast.

    And stolen from Sara "words to run by" blog (my fav. new quote):

    "There will be days you don't think you can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime of knowing you have."

    I found my new mantra for long run days! xo

  5. 2 weeks?! That is so exciting!! You will do just wonderful!! :D BIG HUG BACK!! :D

  6. oh, and that last picture is hilarious!! lol

  7. You have raced before, so don't be nervous, as that could lead to unwanted feelings of having to pass the dreaded "gingerbread man". hahaha. Taper time, yes, I think I gained 5 pounds or so. WIll be praying for your knee to not act up. Love the photo of the two dead runners, but I know you will finish Strong and on target. 2 more weeks. I am SO VERY EXCITED for you. GO GO GO, and do not look back. A crab man passed me at mile 23, but I know you will ROCK it.

  8. This was funny!!! I am sure you will cross the line on your 2 feet!!!

  9. Love the picture from the Conquer Corregidor Run. Good luck on your marathon. You'll do great! Just don't overdo the cross-training. It's tough, but your body actually needs REST when you're tapering. (Easier said than done, I know.)

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. 2 weeks. so crazy!

  11. Hey everyone! Thanks for the advice! I will keep them in mind when I start panicking again. LOL!

    @Suar: I got it at Target ;p

    @Jen: I loooove that quote! Thanks for sharing =)

  12. You will have a great marathon! Good to be a little scared, respect the distance. Don't worry too much about a little weight gain during taper. It will ensure a nice rested body on race day.

  13. Only two weeks to go? Taper Time!

  14. You are going to have so much fun! Respect the distance, but have confidence and faith, too! Good luck!!!

  15. We got this, Julie! I did my 20 today, and it's all downhill from here!

  16. Ha! I LOVE the dead body photo! If you're craving carbs you must need them! I've actually been tossing around the idea that I run faster at just a few pounds heavier than my skinniest. Maybe a little more fuel is just what you need to finish fast!

  17. Throw all those fears right out the window because you're going to rock it. You've trained, tapered and you have a hot outfit--all bases are covered! Now go have some red wine!

  18. I am so so excited for you. I love your outfit that you will be wearing. I am so glad your knee is feeling better and that is crazy that it only hurt at the very end. Enjoy it....I think you are going to be hooked:)

  19. You are ready - believe in yourself!!

  20. I'm impressed you know what you're going to wear!!! I have to figure out the weather first... today it was 70, a couple days ago, it was 40. Fun times.

    You know you've got this!

  21. Good Luck!!! You are going to do amazing!!! I really love that last pic :)

  22. I hope you do great! I'm sure you will! you'll at least look HOT doing whatever you do! :)

  23. 2 weeks till you kick your first marathon's butt! you got this girl!

  24. Just go out there and have a good time! You have been doing the training and you are ready! You are going to do fabulous...I just have a feeling:) Take a deep breath and relax! Hugs right back at you!

  25. It seems like you are ready! Don't worry too much about it. You've trained enough for this. Some weight gain is unavoidable. Our bodies need those nutrients we deprive ourselves of in training.

    Good luck. You'll do great! :)

  26. chicken na sa iyo yan! just have fun! =)

  27. I've chosen you for some awards... check out to accept them.

  28. Thank you everyone! Your words really lift me up and make me believe in myself more =)


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