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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1st Lesson Learned

I'm celebrating my 1st RUNniversary all week so for today I'm going to talk about my first running shoes. 

 Nike Zoom Free Everyday

I will admit that the reason why I got these for my first pair a year ago was because it was PINK.  Trust me to consider the aesthetics first before anything else.  *scratches head*  It was also on sale -- 50% OFF (trying to justify)! At that time, I was very proud of my purchase. 

A few runs later, I got my very first injury on my ankle. G-R-E-A-T!  After that, I had my gait analyzed and got the right shoes for me.  It was white and purple.  And it wasn't on sale.

First lesson learned:  Make sure the shoes you buy are the right ones for your foot type.  In my case, I found out later on that they weren't for running at all! Duh! LOL!

I love looking back and thinking of how I was back then - totally clueless!  And you know what? That's ok with me.  So many lessons learned through trial and error.

FYI... I'm a lot smarter now.  REALLY! :p

Asics GT 2150 and the right shoes for me :p

Believe me now? No? Not really? =D

30 Days of Thanks (Day 3)

I am thankful for my daughter -- For the feel of her arms strangling my neck when she gives me a tight hug, for being the beautiful and God-fearing person that she is, and for the simple fact that she is in my life and I have the privilege of being her mother. Truly, the experience of "Mikah" has blessed my life forever.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm always trying new shoes, though I do have my favorites!

  2. yup totally learned that lesson the hard way!

  3. I made the same mistake of purchasing a pair of shoes that were not the right ones for me.

  4. I am thankful right now that your linkwithin widget just showed your 'Foooooood' red velvet cake. I just drooled all over my goodness that looks so much better then the banana I just ate.

    Isn't this a great sport? Everyday we do something we learn.

  5. Hi Julie,
    I did the same thing! I went and purchased a very cool pair of Nikes....I don't think they were the frees but they were super light and I wanted to try them. I learned in a few runs that I should of had more faith in my Asics:) I wear the same kind you do but mine are blue and white. Live and learn....we have all done it.

    Take care Julie!

  6. Ha! One of my first lessons learned too - except mine were pink... and from Pay Less! I thought the cheap-o running shoes would be fine... soon found out - NO WAY!!! lol....

    PS: I'm grateful for my family

  7. We have the same shoes! I love my 2150s... I'm on my 2nd pair of those and before I had 3 pairs of 2140s.

  8. Smarter in shoe choices but still picking pink! ;-)

    I am thankful for God carrying me through (everyday) but most especially race day! couldn't have done it alone.

  9. It's so hard to turn away from a cute pair of shoes - on sale! If I try a pair that don't end up being good runners I use them on my cross training days - I don't want them to feel bad... :)

  10. I have the same (and also in pink). I think it's good to feel a little girly while all sweaty. :)

  11. I have been wearing those asics FOREVER. Even before I started running, I used them as gym sneakers. I'm lucky they fit me well when I started running.

    In fact, when I started with them I think they were GT-2120s..... now I just ordered a new pair of 2160s preorder!

  12. I think that's one lesson that everyone learned when they first started running! :) that your thankful for your daughter! I am definitely thankful for my two boys. They mean the world to me!

  13. I think we all made the mistake of getting the "wrong" shoes when we first started running.

    Love that being Thankful portion of your blog. I am going to steal it!

    What am I thankful today?
    Thirty one years of being healthy.

  14. Happy Runiversary chica!!!! I swear between the KT tape and shoes we could be *almost* twins. LOL!

  15. Over the past 2 years, it has taken me 3-4 different running shoes to find the perfect one. Are they perfect? no. but getting better. Now I am running with asics 2150s. Ok, for cushion, just not a whole lot of heel support. And as you run on and on, there are a lot more things you will learn. With running, you learn something every day about yourself and the sport. Take care.


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