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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Very Special Day

My post for today has nothing to do with running.  No, actually it does!  After all, she is one of the reasons why I am a runner.  I want her to be proud of her mommy!  I'm sure every mommy and daddy runner can relate to this....

17 years ago, God gave me a beautiful baby girl with thick black hair, olive skin and red lips. How could we have known then what a huge impact she would make on us all?

That day, I prayed that I could give the world to her because she deserves it all and so much more. She is indeed a treasure and I am so blessed to have a daughter like her. I thank God for her every... single... day. I am so proud of the young woman she has become.

She taught me to accept people as they are. She taught me to truly rely on God. And she taught me not to take things for granted but to appreciate the little miracles.

What a beautiful being inside and out!


Babygirl, you are the light of my life and the joy in my soul. I wish that I have brought even just half the joy to you as you have brought to me.

Today you turn 17 and still the beautiful child with intense eyes that look right through my heart. May all your dreams come true and always remember to keep your eye on the ball and to dream BIG because nothing is out of reach with God at your side. Be sure though to catch the small joys along the way.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dearest Mikah! Thank you for all you have taught me and continue to teach me.

No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my Babygirl. I love you so much!

- Mom

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  1. Awww happy birthday to your daughter!

  2. so sweet!

    you two look like sisters!

  3. happy bday to mikah, how sweet naman your mom!

  4. oh my. parang carbon copy lang. happy birthday Mikah.

  5. Happy birthday to your babygirl! I'm sure she's very proud to have you as her mom :)

  6. Kala ko 14 pa lang si Mikah at ikaw ang 17. =D

  7. You two really look like sisters!
    Now, you need to do a blog post on how you stay looking so hot and young!

  8. I can't tell which one is daughter and which is momma!!! Wow!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  9. awww thanks guys! no fountain of youth in my backyard. I had her when I was just 20 so that's why she kindda looks like my sister =)

  10. Awww.. You're so sweet Julie!

    Happy Birthday Mikah! Make your mommy proud :)

  11. Belated happy birthday Mikah!
    You look like sisters, and you are both beautiful...

    I also wish to give the best to my Son.

  12. WOOHOOO, Mikah and I are BIRTHDAY BUDDIES!!! All the cool kids were born on October 16th!!!!

    Happy Birthday Bday Buddy!!!

  13. What a lovely tribute to a beautiful daughter! Hope Mikah had a very happy birthday!


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