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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Run + Swim + Cook + Pray = My Weekend


Tried Yasso 800s for the first time.  Imagine that?!  For speedwork I usually do 400 to 500 meters or even 1.6 Kilometers.  And boy was I tired! Bleh.  Anyway, here are my splits...

1 - 4:16 (time) - 5:20 (pace) 
2 - 4:25 (time) - 5:32 (pace) 
3 - 4:28 (time) - 5:35 (pace) 
4 - 4:19 (time) - 5:24 (pace)

As you can clearly see, it still has a lot of room for  improvement.  I hope to be able to do them in 3 minutes before my first marathon this December.

It was really hot in California this weekend.  Isn't it suppose to be Fall already?  Extended summer? Yey!
I was able to swim 34 laps (850 meters).  

Dear Sun, please don't be so angry. I got a real funny tan line on my forehead coz of my swim cap.  And once again, I looked like a two-flavored popsicle. 

All I can say is, I was a cooking machine this weekend.  I got overly excited about the new recipes I got online and I wanted to try them all.

Pesce-Pollotarian Spaghetti Bolognese (couldn't go completely vegetarian)
Warm Apple Toast
Wake Up Smoothie
Spinach Parmesan Dip
Baked Kale Chips

I will post the recipes here soon.

My family and I have been attending Sunday service at Saddleback Church.  The senior pastor there is Rick Warren (Writer of the best-selling book, "A Purpose-Driven Life").  For the past few Sundays, the topic was about setting goals and fulfilling our dreams for the next 10 years.  I do have set goals for my family, career and of course... my sport.  And with God's grace, I know I will be able to attain all of them.   But first things first, Rock n Roll Las Vegas very first full mary!  Just a couple of weeks to go! Woohoo!

  • How was your weekend?
  • Did you try or experience anything new?

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  1. Ooooh I LOVE Yasso's! Did them a few time while training for my marathon but kind of let speedwork fall off my radar lately. Whoops!

  2. I am really not a fan of speedwork, but it must be done...unfortunately. Hahaha ;p

  3. Great times on the 800s!

    Thanks for the encouragement on my blog!

  4. Thanks Andrew!

    It was well-deserved! That really was an awesome run! =)

  5. Good luck in your 1st marathon in December.

  6. Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm looking forward to reading yours!

  7. I think your 800 are great. At least you did them. Me, not so much!

    Thanks for the comment on my post. Wow 5 dogs! I only have 2. The dog this morning was that first time I allowed a creature to change my running plan. The dog's behavior was just a bit off, and we recently had to kill a groundhog near the property due to rabies. The dog was unknown to me and that is pretty scary all by it's self because the locals are very good about keeping their pets on the properties even the farms don't have animals that will wander much. I will be driving the area after work to see if the dog is still around. If it is I'll be calling animal control, just in case. Running with my little guy leaves NO room for error when saftey is concerned.

  8. @shellyrm: Oh that was a very wise decision! The roads will always be there tomorrow to run on anyway. First and foremost, we must protect ourselves ---and in your case, your little babe!

    Hope you have a better (and safer) run tomorrow. =)

    @Tricia and @Laura: Thanks =)

  9. Thanks for the comments on my blog!! I was looking through yours and you have some really awesome insight and I enjoy reading it. You have a new follower!

  10. Haha, Ms. Julie, I could imagine the tan line on your forehead :D

    I wish I could learn how to swim too real soon. When you get back here in PH, give us some taste of your new recipes. :)


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