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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skyathon Surf and Beach Run: Pacer Duty!

I will never forget this race event because there were a lot of "firsts" for me.

1. first time to travel to Boracay alone.
2. first time to miss my flight.
3. first time to arrive in Boracay at night.
4. first time to run on the beach.
5. first time to pace someone.

It would've been nice to also include: "my first podium finish". But alas, it really wasn't my intention to actually race. I just wanted to run. Since it was my first time to run on the beach ever, I just wanted to take it slow and soak it all up.

My future sis-in-law was asked to grace the event. She also runs on the treadmill every time she goes to the gym so I knew she could totally do the 5K run. I was very insistent, determined to make her sign up. Almost held her at gun-point even. Ok that's not true.

Anyway, she finally gave in, just a few minutes before gun start. We got picked up from our resort (Boracay Regency Lagoon) and was dropped off at Guilly's, where the start line was. The host from TRAP was already giving instructions. It was all basic stuff anyway. There were just a few participants. And for a while there, I felt I was tempted to forget about the "soaking it all in" plan and just really race. But pacing Cherie was more fun, I have to say.

Last few reminders

So, fast forward to our run. It was basically run/walk/talk. Hehe! We were just enjoying the beauty of Boracay in the morning. We would run a couple of meters at a pace of 6:30, then would do walk and talk breaks. :p I looked at the other runners who already made a U-turn and noticed that there weren't any females yet. I had a feeling I would see Noelle first. And a few minutes later, I did! I cheered her on as she sped past us. Go Noelle!

Spotted: Cherie and I on a walk break

I'm glad we decided to wear shoes as per the advice of Coach Ani de Leon (had to ask her through email). I decided to wear my Nike Free Shoes which was perfect for the beach. On the other hand, I wouldn't wear them when running on pavement. Or else, hello injury!

When we were nearing the finish line, I ran ahead so I could take a pic of Cherie crossing the finish line. And so I did. I saw Noelle, cheering me on and the others who have already finished, clapping and cheering, "Go Julie!" BUT...The emcee, on the microphone for all to hear, jokingly asked me, "hey what happened? Did you just walk?" , then he laughs.

I have to be totally honest. That injured my ego a bit. I wanted to challenge him right there and then to a 5K race, just me and him! Ugh! But ok, he didn't know I was a real runner and I didn't have a sign on me that said I was on pacer duty. K Fine. Let it go. Haha! =p

As Cherie crossed the finish line, everyone had their cameras out. I was a proud pacer! We didn't care about our time. I just wanted her to actually start and finish her very first race ever. And she did! Like Markhernz said on his tweet to me, "Walang PR sa Boracay (No PR in Boracay)". My very first pacer job, DONE. And I'm glad it was for my sistah, Cherie.

5K the Cherie way: Crossing the finish line!

The 5K finisher and pacer

I wanted to run some more, so I did another 5K on my own at my own pace this time. When I was near the finish line, some of the runners were already picking up trash (as part of the beach clean up after the race). One participant saw me and said, "O, may naiwan pa pala." I wanted to scream at him and say, "Kanina pa ako tapos ok?! I'm just doing another 5K!" Ugh! Some people.

Didn't know I was so sensitive in the morning. Hahaha! =p

My ego is a little bruised but my heart is happy. This is one race event I will never forget. Fo sho!


I only had to pay PHP300 since I signed up early (between March 1-April 4, 2010).

  • fantastic location for beach running
  • enough water stations
  • giveaways: fan, bag, shampoo and conditioner sachets, Centrum samples
  • breakfast
  • singlet AND finisher's shirt
  • medals for winners
  • event party at night w/ free drinks (The Bar and Tequila)

My suggestions for next year:
  • better prizes for category winners
  • energy drinks included at hydration stations
Not bad at all considering this is the very first run event they (Sky Cable and Keep Me Posted) organized. Oh and I should include: "gained fab new friends" to the list as well. Can't wait for next year's skyathon!

JR, Cherie, Preston, Thons, and moi

Event: Skyathon Bora Surf and Beach Run
Date: April 24, 2010, 6am
Venue: Beachfront of Guilly's Island, Station 1 ,Boracay, Aklan
Distance: 5K

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  1. Nice race, Hotlegs! :D oh God, I love Cherie Gil, she is like, my dramatic acting idol.

  2. "You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!" :P Ginanon ka ba nya? Huh?

  3. That white dress looks good on you! (Anlayo ng comment sa post hahaha) It looks like one fun race at paradise, nice!

  4. White sand, white teeth and a race, truely paradise!

  5. Julie, maybe next year, you'll be on for a podium finish at the same event.

    Congratulations for performing your pacer duty well and not itched at running at your own pace :D

  6. i love ur blog! thanks for the good review julie! see u next year =) -thons


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