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Monday, December 28, 2009

What I Listen to When I Run

It's important for me to listen to something while I'm running. I use them to motivate myself on my runs. Without it, I'll be bored out of my wits! But that's the multi-tasker in me, I guess. For other runners, this isn't a necessity since they say they need to concentrate on their run and listen to their breathing. To each his own.

When I started running, I didn't create a playlist on my ipod especially for running just yet. I wanted to experiment on different genres each time I ran just so I could figure out which ones I liked best. A friend suggested Latin music since it worked wonders to keep her energy up but I couldn't say the same for me. Surprisingly, it was the 80's beats that I enjoyed the most, followed by Pop and R&B.

For my longest run to date (Corregidor 10 mile), I decided to finally make a playlist. These run the gamut of genres I like listening to during my runs - 80's, House, Pop, R&B Dance. My ear candy, so to speak.

Anyways, here’s a gathering of the songs (I call it my "power playlist") that I listen to during my runs that I want to share with you. You'll notice that some are slower than normal but it doesn’t really matter as long as something I like is playing.

Music Playlist at

After a few runs I eventually got bored listening to this playlist. I have yet to update it come 2010 with sick new jams. Any suggestions?

So, now I've been listening to audiobooks. I started with "New Moon". Hehe! I'm gonna limit my audiobooks to chick lit since I still like to leaf through pages of great books.

On other runs, I also listen to podcasts such as "Good Times with Mo" (Funny as hell!), "Morning Coach" (Motivating), "Nike Running" (Interviews of Elite Runners), and "Joel Osteen Ministries"(My Spiritual Fix).

Evidently, I will not survive a run without my ipod. Especially if it's a long one!

Last night, for the first time ever, I ran with a group of people at Bonifacio High Street and McKinley and didn't feel the need to turn on my ipod.

Truly, nothing beats a good conversation when you're running with friends.♥.•:*¨*:•.♥


  1. interesting! :) i also need to listen to music in long, solo runs, especially the ones i do at night. :P for races though, i've learned that music takes control of my running tempo, so i don't bring my ipod when i plan to do a PR. :)

  2. same here, julie :) i've been struggling with my running from day zero...i was looking at everything...ANYTHING...that could hopefully help me improve my run. i even got into this podrunner thing that mr. trumanian suggested...and which is actually very good...but i got tired of it din (i get bored rather easily with things :P). now, though, i've been running without any music. i find that i am more able to control my pace, and, yeah, concentrate on my breathing (something i need to do since i'm an asthmatic). like you said, to each his (her) own :P enjoy your runs! :D

  3. mag jowa talaga kayong dalawa! haha! =D

  4. I usually stick with 160-180bpm songs to keep my cadence up. :) optimum daw is 3 steps per second -- better to have lots of small steps then longer (but slower) strides.

    Some of the tracks on my 10k playlist:

    Low Rider - Barry White
    Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
    Hey Ya - Outkast
    The Take Over, The Breaks Over - Fall Out Boy
    You Get What You Give - New Radicals
    My Sharona - The Knack

  5. Thanks for sharing your tunes. I'm liking the My Sharona =)


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