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Monday, December 12, 2011

Motivation Monday

Woke up to a rainy day and thinking of my batch-mates from school who passed away.  Not a good way to start the week.  But I'm gonna workout.  I'm gonna run.  Must log in at least 4 miles today.  Start small.  Start somewhere.

The Workout...

The Motivation...

How many miles are you logging in today?

What motivates you?



  1. I ran 4.25 miles this morning at a pretty decent clip. What motivates me? The choice of good diet along with my training, I am seeing my fitness improve and weight drop off. I must continue strong through CHRISTmas! Take care.

    Kenley EOR

  2. @Anonymous I feel the same way Kenley. Lost 6lbs. already =)

  3. I ran 4 miles today too -- I am motivated by health, feeling and looking good and setting a good example for my family :)

  4. @Jenand you DO look good Jen and you ARE an inspiration to everyone =)

  5. Getting motivation and energy for regular trainings is one of the most important things when you are working out. Otherwise you won't achieve your goals. When I started going to the gym my friend advised me to try nutritional supplements. It was little more than a month I've been taking Military Grade nutritional supplements, when I realized I did not feel fatigue in the end of the day. And even more: after workouts I still had energy to spare. As time went by, my shape was improving more and more. I was loosing fat and gaining muscles. Now I feel really fit!


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